How to secure WhatsApp

WhatsApp is world’s most popular messaging application, it is the most convenient and easy go option for all to send instant massages, calls, and video calls. Since WhatsApp chats and calls are end-to-end encrypted no one can intercept them in between. That is why most of the people in the world feels safe on WhatsApp. How ever cyber criminals are targeting WhatsApp users by video calls & phishing links. Being a WhatsApp user, we must know the security features of the app.

How to secure WhatsApp-

Enable Two-Step Verification: In terms of security WhatsApp provides two step authentications. In two step authentication it requires 6-digit PIN to enable your WhatsApp account. This is very helpful in sim swap fraud where criminals forward your calls and massages to another number and hacks your WhatsApp too. 

How to enable two step verification?

Open WhatsApp & Go to settings –> Account –> Two-Step verification –> Turn On –> Create 6-digit PIN of your choice (Do not use birthdate) –> Confirm your PIN –> Add your email address (This is an optional process you can skip it but it is good to add email for PIN recovery) –> confirm Email –> save.

Check for privacy settings: – WhatsApp provides privacy feature to control your online appearance. Using this feature, you can control who can see you online/last seen time, who can see your profile photo, status, about & who can add you to the different WhatsApp groups. This feature provides Everyone, My contacts, My contacts except and Nobody as option to set your privacy. It is highly recommended to set these options to My contacts. Also, there is option to set read receipt and massage disappearing timer. read receipt setting allows you to set who can get massage read notification (Blue tick) after we read the massage or open the chat. while disappearing massage option allows you to delete massages or chats to individual or group after a certain period (you can choose for 24 Hrs, 7 days, or 90 days as per your comfort) You can change these privacy settings by going to privacy option in whatsapp settings.

Block and report unwanted numbers: Most of the times we receive an unwanted or fraud massages containing phishing links from unknown users or spammers. It’s irritating to receive such unwanted massages. WhatsApp provides a simple way for such users to block accounts. we can also report to WhatsApp if someone sends problematic messages. While reporting a user WhatsApp provides the option to keep reported messages on the phone. Later we can share these massages with fact-checkers or Police for necessary action.To report a user just go to the user profile by clicking on his name and scroll down to bottom to block and report the account.

Think before forwarding messages: In WhatsApp massage forwarding very common to all, we don’t even read complete massage or watch a complete video before forwarding it. we must be aware that if we are not sure about the truthfulness of massage or video or image or do not know the source of the message, we must not forward it, it may be fake information. WhatsApp has created a label for all forwarded messages to aware users to think before sharing.

                    Recently WhatsApp has announced ‘Chat Lock’ feature to increase the privacy and security of the app. using a password or biometric authentication you will be able to lock chat also. The updated version will be released soon.  after enabling this feature, even if someone gets access to your phone, the chat-locked messages will remain confidential.


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