Understanding Cyber Crime

Understanding Cybercrime

                In simple language cybercrime is nothing but crime made by using computers and networks. Cybercrime includes wide range of activities like stalking, fishing, spamming etc.

              Nowadays in cybercrime stealing money from bank accounts by impersonation and extorting money by way of sex abusing has become the easiest way for cyber criminals to earn money. Some of the non-monetary crimes includes job frauds, matrimonial frauds, misuse of sensitive information like Aadhaar details, credit/debit card details, banking credentials, etc.

         Cybercrime is fast growing and dynamic in nature it is growing in large scale as we are having huge increase in internet users across the globe. Being tech savvy, we need to upgrade ourselves and become cyber educated to avoid being cyber victim.

 Cybercrime can be divided in following groups: –

1) Crime against individual person: – This group consist of crimes committed against individual persons such as Hacking, Email Spoofing, Vishing, Phishing, Sextortion, Child Pornography, sharing malicious codes, stalking, credit or debit card scamming, cyber defamation, Piracy etc.

2) Crime against Property: –This group consist of crimes including computer thrashing/destruction using malicious codes, Intellectual Property Crimes, Threatening, Data Breach and hacking of data of institutions.

3) Crime against Organization: – This group consist of crimes like Cyber Terrorism it is the most discrete kind of crime.


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